The Hiperos Network

A central repository to manage vendor information

Reduce the time in onboarding and managing third-parties

Corporations need to ensure business practice standards and compliance with regulatory requirements when dealing with their growing numbers of vendors. Vendors, in turn, are required to respond to numerous information requests from corporations about all parts of their business operations.

Welcome to The Network from Hiperos

A single source of vendor information

One-stop-shop for all vendor information requests, from information security practices to certificates of insurance, from business licenses to health and safety standards.

Consistency of information

Standardized format ensure consistency and allow for comparison across responses

Reduced onboarding time

Vendors and corporations only need to go through the compliance aspects of the onboarding process once.

Reduced errors

Automated error checks ensure that requests are completed accurately and completely before being submitted

Use the search box below to access information on a vendor. (Are you a vendor wishing to join The Network? Register now!)