Alacra’s Risk Monitoring solution makes clients aware of any changes to entities.

Our unique matching system helps identify changes to entities automatically when:

  • an entity has changes that impact that entity’s risk ranking.
  • there is an adverse event which requires you to revisit the entity or counterparty and your relationship.

Triggered changes can include:

  • Changes to PEP status.
  • Appearance on Global Sanctions or Enforcement lists.
  • Recent adverse news.
  • Material changes to the Legal Entity’s Reference Data including domicile changes.Changes to Regulatory and/or Listing status.

Event-based triggers create a daily file or daily alert which you can use to determine if the events have affected the entities risk score. Risk Monitoring watches your clients and prospects against material changes to the entity reference data, regulatory, and listing status. Receive daily delta updates and events against a defined list of counterparties and high quality content sets including:

Key Benefits

  • Proactively monitor changes to counterparties risk profiles against adverse news, sanctions lists, PEP lists, and Enforcement Actions ensuring you are not exposing your business to regulatory or reputational risk
  • Regulator approved processes help your business avoid fines and costly investigations by surfacing material changes material changes to low risk counterparties between review cycles.

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