Continually monitor money laundering and terrorism financing risks

Available for both Professional and Enterprise editions of Alacra Compliance, the Surveillance module provides continuous monitoring of customers for material changes that impact their money laundering, terrorism financing risk or adverse events that increase reputational or credit risks.


  1. Reduce exposure to regulatory, revenue and reputation risk
  2. Be informed of changes in risk as they emerge
  3. Demonstrate a risk-based approach that follow regulatory guidance
  4. Avoid fines and costly investigations

Screen Customers for a Variety of Risk Events

Alacra Surveillance monitors your customers for events that could impact their risk score like:

  • Changes to PEP status
  • Appearance on the Global Sanctions or Enforcement lists
  • Association with adverse news
  • Material changes to the entity’s core data such as changes to domicile, regulatory status, rating, etc.

Should an event occur, you will be notified automatically so you can re-evaluate the entity and take appropriate action.

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