Alacra Compliance Enterprise helps you manage your team and streamline your process.

Alacra Compliance Enterprise helps financial institutions around the world reduce the burden of regulatory compliance by streamlining the KYC, CIP, CDD, EDD, and credit investigations process. ACE also helps firms around the world reduce regulatory, financial, legal, and reputational risk.

Alacra Compliance Enterprise is a modular SAAS workflow application, designed for rapid deployment. With minimal required IT support and no hardware or software to install, Alacra will help you realize immediate efficiency gains and accelerate time to value. Our clients have experienced upwards of an 88% increase in analyst productivity and a 40% reduction in error rates. Alacra’s configurable SAAS solution allows for seamless set up of a workflow with the information sources, business rules and approval process required to address each client’s regulatory and risk requirements.

How ACE works

Create an investigation

  • Configurable screen to enter details about entity to be onboarded and the name and credentials of the investigator.
  • Entity details can include type of business, risk level, or geography.
  • Select databases manually or based on your bank’s rulebook.

Simultaneous search

  • Easily view search criteria, results of searches, and potential hits.
  • Drill down to each hit with a single click.
  • Investigators can comment or annotate each result

Investigation results report

  • Source documents, annotated search results, and uploaded supporting material combined into a single date and time stamped PDF.
  • Documentary evidence for regulatory audits.
  • Branded with your bank’s logo

Management dashboard

  • Oversee investigations, reassign cases and measure productivity.
  • Robust filtering and search capabilities.
  • Gain transparency over your team’s caseload.