Quickly deploy out-of-the-box best practices for streamlined and efficient KYC workflow

Alacra Compliance Professional provides a simple, effective Know Your Customer (KYC) workflow with ongoing monitoring. This SaaS solution can be purchased and deployed rapidly without IT assistance or detailed configuration decisions; greatly accelerating time-to-value.

Complete KYC, CDD and EDD – then receive updates from data partners like Dow Jones, Factiva, RDC, Worldcheck, as well as the Alacra Authority file.


  • Rapid deployment with no hardware, software or detailed configuration decisions
  • KYC out of the box – simply add your data sources and we are ready to go
  • Reduce exposure to regulatory, revenue and reputation risk
  • Demonstrate practices that follow regulatory guidance
  • Avoid fines and costly investigations

Screen Customers for a Variety of Risk Events

Alacra Compliance Professional enables you to screen, then monitor your prospects, customers, counterparties and/or third parties for events that could impact their risk, such as:

  • Complete ID verification and research beneficial ownership
  • Risk factors such as listing status, domicile, rating, regulator
  • PEP and watchlists/Global Sanctions or Enforcement lists
  • Adverse news

And with surveillance, after your Customer is onboarded, should an event occur, you will be notified automatically so you can re-evaluate the entity and take appropriate action.

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