The Hiperos Network

A central repository to manage vendor information

InfoSec now available on The Network

InfoSec, the Hiperos Information Security and Data Privacy solution, is now available on The Hiperos Network. Corporations can get access to up-to-date, comprehensive and consistent InfoSec documentation from all their vendors. Vendors can maintain a single version of all their documentation and manage who gets access to the information.

Benefits to corporation

  • Ensures standards through information request based on industry standards
  • Saves time through libraries of pre-configured questionnaires
  • Reduced risk as vendor updates are instantaneously updated through The Network
  • Ease of access as all requests and information are stored in once central location
  • Benefits to vendors

  • Ease of access from a single interface with multiple corporate relationships
  • Reduced risk by managing a single set of responses, licenses and policy documents
  • Increased exposure to all the corporations accessing vendor information on The Network
  • Try out The Network now! Use the search box below to access information on a vendor.