The previous post covered Mary Meeker’s show but there were lots of other highlights today at Web 2.0.  Conversations with Steve Ballmer and Meg Whitman were interesting but the Facebook As A Platform panel was an eye-opener.  Seth Goldstein opined that Facebook’s platform play was going to be a trend setter and that all the other major web properties would follow suit.  So one building Facebook apps now might be building Google, Microsoft or Yahoo apps as well in the future.  Niall Kennedy  described the widget phenomenon in 10 minutes  and Bill Tancer of Hitwise talked about the huge amounts of data being generated on the web and how this data can be analyzed.  I had less personal interest in the Gaming and Wireless panels in the early afternoon but they crowd seemed very engaged.  Launch Pad was well executed with Cleverset, a sophisticated recommendation engine, winning best in show.  My biggest complaint, and some may not agree, is John Battelle consistently asking interviewees questions he knows they won’t answer, seemingly to get some sort of interesting response.  I think his batting average may be 1 for 10, in all the interviews I’ve seen him do.  Battelle to Zuckerberg: "How’s the financing going?"  Battelle to Ballmer: "Are you going to buy Yahoo?"  Battelle to Ballmer:  "How’s Facebook’s financing going?"  Battelle to Curt Viebranz: "Is AOL going to spin off Platform A?  The great thing about this conference is the level of guests they attract to participate.  Why waste precious time on questions you know the guests are way too smart to answer directly?