The problem (I suppose there’s more than one) with doing a Technorati blog search for business or company related information is the signal-to-noise ratio.  There’s just too much junk to sift through in the hope of finding a gem.  Much worse than a web search.   Doing a tag search rather than a blog search results in the opposite problem – there’s nothing there.  Try a tag search for a large public company and there’s practically nothing.  I did discover two interesting things:  Man on a Mission archives mission statements of large companies.  A tag search for PFE or JNJ will return a link to their mission statements.  (In the case of JNJ it’s actually a credo.) Earningscast allows you to listen to a company’s earnings call or download it to your iPod.  Both these sites tag their postings with ticker symbols.  If this became more prevalent, the value of the blogosphere to business researchers would increase dramatically.