Remember the elevator scene towards the end of the movie Working Girl? Melanie Griffith quickly describes how she comes up with the idea for Trask Radio by putting together seemingly unrelated bits of information from different sources, including Page Six of the New York Post. Which is just what happens in the blogosphere in real-time.

Until January of this year I hadn’t paid much attention to blogs. What got me hooked was the wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl half-time show. The FCC jumped into action, not only investigating CBS, but also intensifying their concern with shock jocks like Howard Stern. While the mainstream press covered the Janet Jackson episode as you would expect, the coverage of the implications were dramatically better covered by a handful of blogs and the comments within. Jeff Jarvis’s blog,, was completely tuned in and was well ahead of the mainstream press. Very early on Jeff had connected Janet Jackson and the FCC to Howard Stern moving to satellite radio.

Clearly, you can’t believe everything you read or hear – blogs, magazines, newspapers, TV, radio – whatever the source. But there is tremendous domain expertise in the blogoshere and those who do not pay attention to bloggers in their domain are ignoring invaluable perspective.