Over the next couple of weeks there will be several posts outlining what Alacra is working on for release prior to SLA in June and over the summer. First up is new content:

Marketresearch.com will be added to Alacra in May. Over 50,000 market research reports from hundreds of publishers around the world. Marketresearch.com will complement Alacra’s current lineup of market research and industry research publishers: Freedonia, Snapshots International, IBISWorld, S&P Industry Surveys, Mintel, Thomson Financial Market Research and Global Insight.

Mergermarket.com will also be added to Alacra in May. Established in London, Mergermarket has recently expanded to the United States. Alacra plans on carrying the full Mergermarket database which will complement our M&A coverage from Thomson Financial, Mergerstat, M&A Monitor, Zephus, and TheDeal.com. Alacra has the most comprehensive set of M&A databases available.

Finally, Hemscott will be also added to Alacra prior to SLA. We plan on carrying Hemscott’s Company Insight Reports, Company Facts Reports and Directors Report. Information on UK company directors will be added to Alacra Corporate Connections. Hemscott is a leading provider of high quality business and financial information and the number one provider of corporate relations websites in the UK.