Outing 1 The NCAA isn’t the only organization in the midst of an energy-infusing tournament. On Friday April 1, Alacra’s New York team had a spirit(s)-filled, knock ‘em down-drag ‘em out competition of their own at Fat Cat in the West Village… the first Alacra Fool’s Day Ping Pong Tournament.

Outing 2 As a celebration of several major Q1 wins, the entire staff enjoyed an afternoon of pool & pizza, table tennis & trash talk. What we discovered left us shocked and awed: we have some serious ping pong skillz within these Alacra walls!

Outing 3Congrats to the Table Tennis Elite Eight, nimbly representing Developers, Operations, Sales and Management:

Geoff Opland
Armen Galoustian
Steve Goldstein
Zach Soltsov
Howard Dilworth
Jingrun Dong
Karl Kaebnick
Alan Carr

Outing 4 And a shout out to Vai Patel, who proved it possible to simultaneously serve and deliver…superior customer service.




Outing 6 Emerging victorious was software developer Armen Galoustian, a 12-1 long shot originally pegged by our hilarious in-house odds maker, Product Manager Steve Davison, to be the “last man standing… at the bar.”  What a fun-fueled kickoff to Q2!