One of Alacra's newest premium partners is ScoreLogix.   ScorelogixCEOScorelogix is a pioneer in consumer risk analytics, risk scoring & modeling and economic analysis. Recently, Suresh Annappindi, Scorelogix CEO, talked to us about the critical nature of their content and why their proprietary ZIP indices are like "GPS for businesses".

Tell us about Scorelogix.  

Founded in 2003, Scorelogix is a data analytics and predictive modeling company and offers proprietary solutions for risk mitigation, economic forecasting, and revenue maximization. Scorelogix’s patent pending algorithms, scores, indices, reports, and risk solutions help lenders minimize credit risk and allow marketers to reduce mailing costs. Scorelogix is a pioneer and industry leader in predicting consumer income stability/risk, job security, and affordability; and its solutions increase profitability for credit unions, marketers, credit card issuers, banks and insurances.

Scorelogix's invention, the Job Security Score™ (JSS), is a better predictor of consumers' ability to pay than credit bureau scores, the Income Stability Score™ (ISS) is a better customer targeting tool, and the Debt Collectability Score™ (DCS) is better tool for increasing collections effectiveness. 

Scorelogix's proprietary ZIP level economic indices – the Local Economic Health Index™ (LEHI), Job Security Index™ (JSI), and the Unemployment Rate Index™ (URI) – uniquely measure economic activity for every ZIP, County, MSA and State in the country. Scorelogix publishes 7 types of Job Security Index every month and 1 Local Economic Health Index report every quarter.

What are some typical uses for Scorelogix content? 

Scorelogix’s proprietary indices and reports are tools for analysts, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, forecasters, budgeters, planners, students, professors, govt. officials, bankers, marketers, economists, etc, to improve their understanding of the economy and to achieve superior analysis and forecasts leading to better, more insightful decisions. Scorelogix’s ZIP index reports’ insights can be combined with other economic indicators and segmentation metrics to improve customer targeting, make more accurate revenues and loss forecasts, and to identify more suitable business opportunities.

Business readers use the Scorelogix reports to better understand the current economy and job conditions throughout the US and to better spot trends and current conditions that will affect them. The indices and reports provide key insights into economic health, job conditions, consumer spending, consumer future payment potential, and potential delinquencies and charge offs.  Similarly Economists and other academicians can use the reports and indices to provide macroeconomic information for research and teaching and consultation.

What makes your content unique?  

Scorelogix’s proprietary index reports provide the most in-depth insights into economy and trends. Our reports give important unique snapshots about local economic conditions and job conditions not available elsewhere. Most importantly, our reports offer the most recent, most granular, and most frequently updated economic data which makes them extremely relevant to users in a dynamic economy. Scorelogix’s reports are updated and published on a monthly or quarterly basis, are available for the most recent month or quarter, and contain data at ZIP, County, MSA and State level. In today’s uncertain and constantly changing environment, content that can pinpoint opportunities and pitfalls at this level of focus are more important than ever. 

How would you describe your coverage? 

Scorelogix reports are based upon an analysis of Zip level data for the more than 40,000 zip codes in the United States.  And our proprietary databases, from which the indices are derived, are very accurate representations of the US economy and US workforce.  The insights that we offer are most timely and detailed and consistently perform better in spotting very granular trends, opportunities and risks than other currently available measures.

What do customers like best about Scorelogix? 

Ease, relevance, recency and granularity of our economic data. While our currently published reports provide excellent coverage and insights about economic activity and job conditions, customers like the ease with which they can obtain reports focused on specific industrial groupings and geographies.  They also like how easily they can purchase ZIP level databases of the indices that power our reports.

What business trends are you spotting among your customers? 

Because of the uncertainties in the economy, we see a heightened level of interest in our indices and reports from companies who want to be able to track detailed changes in the US economy on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Companies use our reports and databases for predictive modeling, forecasting, analytics, and business planning.

How has your business changed in recent years? What changes do you expect in the coming years?

We have seen the focus shift from consumers to the economy. Businesses today are more concerned about understanding the impact the dynamic economy has on consumer behavior – both in terms of consumers’ spending/purchasing behavior and also their credit behavior as a function of the economy and prevailing job conditions.

Tell me about your editorial staff. What types of backgrounds do they have?   

Our editorial staff consists of the entire top management team and selected managers based on their subject matter expertise. Every member of our management team has about 20 years of industry experience and each one of us has either an MS, MBA or PhD. Our backgrounds and experiences serve us well as we communicate about our innovations and their benefits to the industry.

How has the recent economic crisis impacted your market? 

The economic crisis has been very beneficial for our market. The crisis proved that traditional data solutions were inaccurate or inadequate and that new, better data tools were necessary for achieving accurate predictions and analytics. The crisis created new awareness and need for Scorelogix’s indices because they are relevant, timely and highly granular. Besides, our indices are easy to use and can be incorporated effortlessly in all types of segmentation, modeling, forecasting and other analytical endeavors. And since we have historical data that goes back before the crisis and on through it to the present, our users appreciate the way our data has tracked the crisis and have developed a level of confidence and credibility in what we are doing — and that makes our scores, indices and reports even more attractive to them as they seek better ways to position themselves for greater profitability.

The current economic environment can be rough for publishers but also provides opportunities. How is the economy impacting your market today?

As described above, we are seeing more and more companies that need and want our reports and our data.


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