It’s great when you see someone ahead of the curve. Out of curiosity I typed “social networking knowledge management” into Google. The first hit was a blog posting by Dave Pollard dated May 23, 2003 titled Social Networking, Social Software and the Future of Knowledge Management. There are two terrific things in this post. First Dave outlines all the different definitions of Knowledge Management held by different groups of people and concludes that with so many definitions, Knowledge Management means nothing at all.

· Academics: KM is anything that allows us to do something better in business than we can do without it
· Consultants: KM is an aspect of business process improvement
· IT People: KM is any software that concerns itself at least vaguely with databases or content management systems
· Librarians: KM is the new name for what special librarians have always done
· HR People: KM is the process surrounding non-classroom learning curricula

This may or may not have been an original thought but then Dave goes on to reinvent Knowledge Management as Social Network Enablement which was brilliant then and is still ahead of the curve.