I recently tested a demo version of a product called Onfolio, designed to help researchers who use the web organize and publish their findings more effectively. Both Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) and Chris Sherman (Searchenginewatch.com) gave this product a favorable review. Despite the low price, ($30 or $80, depending on the version) I think you need to do a lot of web research to make it worthwhile to change your research behavior and get value. Onfolio is similar to a product called Webforia that failed several years ago. (See Chris Sherman’s old Webforia review here.)

I agree with Rafe Needleman’s assessment – Onfolio is a nice product but not “world-changing.” Functionality similar to that of Onfolio may ultimately be built into the browser or into Google. A valuable product for some but at least right now, it doesn’t seem like a business. Rafe introduces the idea of search engine helpers, which I think will be more prevalent over time. The challenge will be whether any of these helpers can stand alone or whether they’ll be bundled with the search engine or the browser.