BlogWorld (posted by Barry Graubart)
More than 4,000 bloggers have converged on Las Vegas this weekend for the second annual Blog World Expo. Blog World features roughly 200 speakers speaking about all areas of blogging from Milblogs (military), godblogs, sports blogs, political blogging and blogs about virtually every topic you might imagine.

Later this afternoon, I will moderate the Financial Blogging panel with four esteemed speakers:

  • Paul Kedrosky, senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, strategist for quant fund Ten Asset Management and a frequent financial speaker on CNBC
  • Felix Salmon, author of the Market Movers blog on Conde Nast
  • Jim Ledbetter, Editor of the just-launched The Big Money, a Slate property; and
  • Howard Lindzon, hedge fund manager and founder of

This week's market events made clear the value that many of these alternative media voices add to providing understanding of critical market events. While traditional Wall Street analysts continue to play an important advisory role, their role has been diminished in recent years due in great part to the Spitzer settlement and its impact on the economics of sell-side research. Today, you're just as likely to find critical analysis coming from a hedge fund manager, an industry analyst or other opinion leaders, many of whom use blogs to communicate their ideas.

Alacra clients have recognized the potential value of the alternative media, yet are often constrained by the need to not overwhelm their users with a fire hose of sources, each of varying quality. Alacra is currently working with a handful of clients to make available a carefully filtered set of blog content. We'll have more details to share in the coming weeks, but for those interested, feel free to drop me a note at barry-dot-graubart-at-alacra-dot-com.

Are you at Blog World? Stop by to say hi after my session, send me an email or drop me a tweet @graubart and I'd love to say hello.