Bmi Jpatrie Justin Patrie, Head of Country Risk & Financial Markets at Business Monitor International, fills us in BMI, their mission, their analysts and what clients.

1. Tell us about Business Monitor International.

Business Monitor International (BMI) is a leading, independent provider of proprietary data, analysis, strategy, ratings, rankings and forecasts covering 175 countries and 22 industry sectors.

Our mission is to integrate Country Risk and Financial Markets analysis with Industry Research, to best inform decision-making at the highest level in multinational companies, financial institutions, multilaterals and government. The company employs over 250 people from offices in London, New York, Singapore and South Africa.

2. What are some typical uses for Business Monitor International content?

We have a highly diversified client base, including governments, companies from every major
industrial sector, banks, investment firms, pension funds and monetary authorities. At the broadest
level, our services are used for strategic decision-making and risk management. More specifically,
our clients will use our analysis to help inform growth and asset allocation strategies to identify key risks and opportunities on global, regional, country and sectoral levels. We also believe in building regular working relationships with key clients, and direct analyst access is a key feature of the Business Monitor service. Furthermore, many clients utilize our comprehensive data service and forecasts to build their own econometric and regression models.

3. What makes your content unique?

We combine strong competencies across macroeconomics, political risk, capital markets and industry, and we leverage off of each of these factors by joining analysts together in a single research team. The result is a holistic and investor-focused approach to analysis. Furthermore,  by ensuring the integration of our bottom-up industry and country-specific analysis with a top-down global strategy, we are able to be consistent, reliable and ahead of the curve in terms of identifying market opportunity and risk.

We also maintain a historic focus on emerging and frontier markets, having decades of experience analyzing countries and regions as wide-ranging as the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, Latin America and Emerging Europe.

4. What do customers like best about Business Monitor International?

Business Monitor clients appreciate the depth and breadth of analysis we provide. Our analysis begins with a top-level global strategy and drills down to regional analysis, outlooks for 175 individual countries and finally to 22 industry sector verticals. Crucially, we cohere all our country risk, financial markets and industry sector analysis such that all of our views fit together into a single overarching investment strategy.

Our analysis is also designed to be forward-looking and provide actionable strategies, ensuring that our service is highly value-added. We aim to be as investor and corporate-focused as possible, and work closely together with our key clients to help them achieve their core objectives. In this regard, the direct analyst interaction is a highly popular feature, with many of our clients engaging in regular teleconferences and meetings with BMI analysts.

5. What business trends are you spotting among your customers?

Since the global financial crisis, there has been a marked rise in investor focus on emerging markets. Consistently, multi-national corporations and investment firms are re-orienting their growth and asset allocation strategies to increase their exposure to emerging markets. 

We have also noted an increased interest among clients to understanding macroeconomic trends and risks. There is a broader level of awareness of the importance of integrating top-down macroeconomic and country-level strategy with bottom-up analysis among investors.

6.Tell us about your editorial staff. What types of backgrounds do they have?

The Business Monitor research team consists of around 100 analysts with a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds. Almost all of our team have earned advanced degrees in economics, economic history, international relations or finance and a significant minority are actively working toward a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Prior to coming to BMI, many of our analysts have work experience at investment banks, universities (as lecturers), management consultancies, government and professional services firms.

We pride ourselves on the internationalism of our team, with analysts coming from over 20 nationalities.


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