Kpmg_logo_2While Generation Y has been quick to adopt the so-called Web 2.0 applications (social networking, wikis, blogs and other forms of user-generated content), it’s been slow to make its way to the enterprise.

Web 2.0 capabilities lend themselves to expert identification, collaboration and other knowledge management applications.  Yet their viral nature and social focus has kept corporate IT from embracing them to-date.

KPMG has just released the first of a three-part series entitled "Enterprise 2.0: Fad or Future?".  In this first installment, the authors discuss seven "Enterprise 2.0" technologies (blogs, wikis, tagging, mashups, RSS, social networking and prediction markets) and provide substantive examples of how they’ve been applied in the corporate space.

Of course, with a focus on Web 2.0, the report is available either as a traditional document or as a podcast.