AlacralogomedInternet advertising has improved in many ways over the past few years.  The combination of contextual and behavioral targeting has increased the relevancy of ads online. 

Yet most internet advertising is focused on product sales.  That’s great if you manage a product-focused website, but doesn’t work as well for information-based sites such as those offering business or financial commentary.  For example, when a user lands on a page talking about Apple, Inc. on a financial or business website, they are most likely doing research on Apple the company (ticker AAPL) and not looking to buy an iPod.  Unfortunately, most of today’s contextual advertising platforms can’t pick up that nuance and will at best serve up ads for iPods.

Pcanedgar2 Alacra today announced the introduction of the Premium Content Ad Network (“PCAN”).  PCAN has been developed to help publishers of business and financial information better monetize their websites.

For a blog or website covering stocks, PCAN will serve up contextually relevant ads which contain links to premium business information on the company being written about.  Leveraging the content in the Alacra data warehouse, PCAN automatically generates ads consisting of selected premium business information based upon the content of the page the visitor is viewing,   In the above example, a user landing on a page for Apple, Inc. might see a list of recent credit or investment research, conference call transcripts, company profiles or other content about Apple the company.

For web publishers, PCAN is complementary to existing advertising programs.  Publishers can continue to run display ads and use ad networks such as Google AdSense for text ads.  PCAN is a pay-per-action network; leveraging the Alacra affiliate program, participating websites will receive a share of revenue on any content sales.

Our first partners for PCAN are EDGAR Online and blog the Livermore Report.  You can view PCAN ads, for example, on the following pages:

Publishers interested in learning more about the Premium Content Ad Network should contact Ron-dot-Waksman at Alacra-dot-com.

Here’s a full sample of a PCAN ad for Merrill Lynch & Co.