Since Corporate Board Member is an Alacra content partner I get a copy of their magazine and I flip through every issue.  This quarter there were a number of interesting pieces:

Securities Analysts? Fuggedaboutem summarizes some recent research that says an “about-face” by a securities analyst has little short-term impact on a stock’s price.

Look Before You Tweet is a set of warnings for using Twitter (and blogs) in a corporate setting.

Boards need to know what companies, or their bloggers, can and can’t communicate electronically in order to stay within the limits of compliance. They must also make sure that only authorized people are doing the talking and that what those people say, even in 140-character tweets, is accurate and doesn’t violate company rules or the SEC’s selective-disclosure laws.

How To Find Out What Management Isn’t Telling You recommends that board members read analyst reports for companies of the boards they sit on, as well as these companies’ competitors.

Independent directors cannot do their jobs effectively without reasonably complete and accurate information about such things as their company’s financial situation, how it is faring against competitors, and what its customers think about its products or services. Boards are entitled to rely on management to provide all these facts and figures—and indeed, most directors do just that. But wouldn’t it be prudent to push a bit harder to make sure they know everything they need to, including stuff the company isn’t telling them about?

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