I got back from Outsell’s Go! Conference late Tuesday night.  As expected, it was well run and very well attended.  While there were many familiar faces in the audience, there was a refreshing number of people who had not been to Go! last year and who hadn’t been to a Buying and Selling eContent conference either. 

Here are some Go! highlights:

Mark Strohlein’s session, Scenario Party: The Future’s Here, Are You In It?, was well done, but I think this particular segment could have been longer and would have been nicely complemented by a panel discussion or individual presentations.

Greg Gerdy of Factiva, Jeff Massa of YellowBrix and Dwayne Spradlin of Hoover’s were on a panel discussing how they work with Google and Yahoo!  The only thing missing was someone from Google or Yahoo!

From my perspective the most interesting talk was given by Brian Lent, CEO of Medio Systems, a leader in mobile search.  Brian has worked with founders of both Yahoo! and Google and clearly explained why mobile search is the next big thing.

Anand Subramanian, CEO of ContextWeb gave an interesting talk on contextual advertising and compared and contrasted it with behavioral and search advertising. 

The final session, called View from the Top, pitted Patrick Spain of Highbeam Research and Anand Subramanian of ContextWeb against Yvonne Cekel of OneSource and Jeff Swartz of Current Analysis.  Patrick and Anand took the side of the inevitable commoditization of practically all content, while Yvonne and Jeff defended the value and marketability of  premium content.  Patrick and Anand’s position was that the advertising business model will become increasingly pervasive.  Of course, I’m in Yvonne and Jeff’s camp; some content will always cost money to produce that needs to be recouped directly through payments from content consumers.