AlacrastoreWhen Alacra first launched the Alacra Store in 2005, we weren’t sure what to expect. Traditionally, most business information was sold to institutional clients and there was much skepticism over whether medium and small businesses or individuals would pay for content on the Internet.

Alacra_store_search_2 In the two-plus years since then, we’ve learned quite a bit about selling content on the web. Not everything that we’ve tried has worked, and we’ve had to learn more than we’d ever wanted to know about the differences in how Google, Yahoo and Microsoft index content. But we’ve believed for a long time that gaining a thorough understanding of how to sell content on the web was critical to our long-term success and that of our content partners.

During the past six months, we’ve launched a handful of new initiatives, all designed to drive this part of the Alacra business. Alacra Content Marketplace is a self-service environment that allows publishers small and large to sell their content on the Alacra platform. Research Recap highlights interesting research, helping users identify compelling reports they’d otherwise be unaware of. And our newest offering, the Premium Content Ad Network, puts our content partner’s products in front of new audiences, through the Alacra affiliate program.

With all this effort, I was gratified that MarketingSherpa chose to highlight the Alacra Store in its latest case study, "How Pay-Per-Action Option Tripled Revenue for Subscription Site". The case study provides insights into the various efforts we’ve made to grow the transactional business. MarketingSherpa gets the main story right and most of the details as well, but I did want to point out that the Alacra Store was a collaborative effort and the successes have been the result of the efforts of many individuals at Alacra.

The full case study is on the MarketingSherpa site.