For those of you haven’t heard, Bob De Laney, Alacra’s VP of Sales, has decided to take a senior management position with Factiva in London. Bob and his wife have wanted to live in Europe for some time and Factiva’s offer to move Bob and his family to the UK was a dream come true.

Bob has been with Alacra for six years following stints at Mergerstat, Bloomberg and Thomson. He has made a tremendous contribution to the success of Alacra and for that the Alacra team will always be grateful. But beyond the value Bob has provided as a sales manager, is the contribution he’s made every day just by being himself around the office. Bob can effortlessly carry on a conversation with anyone and has a knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease.

Making a customer feel comfortable with a vendor is one thing. But easing differences between departments in a small company is another, as is dealing with across-the-pond issues, as is understanding diversity in its many forms. I’m sure we’re all going to miss Bob, and I want wish him a lot of luck.




We ALL want to wish you good luck!!!