I read the first few lines of Marc Andreessen’s post Inaugurating the New York Times Deathwatch in my RSS reader.  He wrote:

The hiring of Bill Kristol was the last straw.

I can’t take it anymore.

I hereby inaugurate my New York Times Deathwatch, which will continue until the last Sulzberger has left the building.

Which I agree with completely.  Bill Kristol!  They’re killing us.  But the post gets funnier and better as Marc skewers the entire NY Times Board of Directors:

Well, given that the Internet is the central force dismantling the company’s business, I’m sure that by now they’ve stocked their board with noted Internet experts. Let’s see:

  • Brenda C. Barnes — CEO of Sara Lee; noted snack cake expert
  • Raul E. Cesan — former CEO of Schering-Plough; noted Levitra expert
  • Daniel H. Cohen — president of DeepSee LLC, "an oceanic exploration and submarine leasing company"; noted Jacques Cousteau expert
  • Lynn G. Dolnick — former head of exhibits for the National Zoologic Park in Washington DC; noted marsupial expert
  • Michael Golden — current publisher of the International Herald Tribune; former head of the company’s Women’s Publishing Division; noted sundress expert
  • William E. Kennard — former head of the FCC; noted "seven dirty words" expert
  • James M. Kilts — former CEO of Gillette; noted smooth, smooth shave expert; prior to that, unindicted coconspirator at Philip Morris; noted expert on your grandfather’s hacking cough
  • David E. Liddle — here I have to take a pause as I actually know this one; based on what’s happening at the company, it could be reasonably asked whether he’s actually attending the board meetings.
  • Ellen R. Marram — former CEO of Nabisco; noted Oreo expert. Oh, wait, she actually ran an Internet company: "From 1999 until 2000, Ms. Marram was president and chief executive officer of efdex Inc. (the Electronic Food & Drink Exchange), an Internet-based commodities exchange for the food and beverage industry." Ooh. I wonder if that ended well.
  • Thomas Middelhoff — former CEO of Bertelsmann; noted expert on complicated family politics — well, that’s probably coming in handy…
  • Janet L. Robinson — current CEO of the New York Times Company; noted expert on horrific business implosions
  • Doreen A. Toben — CFO of Verizon; noted 30-year debenture expert
  • And finally, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. — the Big Kahuna — the Man — the Guy In Charge — the chairman and scion — the dude with the cojones to actually defend Judy Miller.  Not noted Internet expert.

So, if you want to issue bonds to pay for FCC-approved snack cake manufacturing in a submarine on display at a national park by a sundress-wearing cigarette-puffing Levitra-popping Judy Miller, you’re pretty much set.

Go team!