Facebook Lots of follow-through last week on whether or not Facebook can morph into a business medium.  I’m a big fan of Netvibes – it’s my primary RSS reader – and last week Netvibes released a widget that lets you get pieces of Facebook in their reader.  This is helpful to me because it cuts down on the distraction of actually being in Facebook.  But there was a lot of piling on by naysayers as well:
Dave Winer posted Lock-in becomes a Web 2.0 issue which doesn’t focus on the Facebook for business issue but does draw attention to having all your data locked in inside Facebook.
Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0 is more emphatic in his post Facebook is NOT for Business

    But business and professional needs are NOT the same as personal needs. I have no need to “poke” my professional colleagues or specify that our working relationship began when we “hooked up.” I don’t need to know about my professional colleagues what gender they are interested in mating with, or what they are looking for in a relationship, or what their favorite TV shows are — these things may be of voyeuristic quasi-social interest, but they don’t help me connect or collaborate professionally (other than maybe topics for idle — or embarrassing — chit-chat).

In other words, it’s a hugely distracting in a business setting.  But that’s not to say it isn’t entertaining – I’ve had a couple of Facebook invites from people I wouldn’t regularly be in contact with – and it was great to hear from them.  I will probably do my Facebooking from home and use LinkedIn in the office.
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