Researchrecap Despite the change in the seasons, the credit crunch and housing crisis remain top of mind to readers of Research Recap.
Research Recap has just released its second quarter Research Zeitgeist, detailing the most widely read posts of the period.

The top post for the quarter spotlighted a Standard & Poor’s review of subprime, Alt-A and Prime Jumbo residential mortgage-backed securities indicating the “2007 vintage” will be the worst ever in terms of delinquencies.

RobertsonA While posts on technology, clean energy and other topics are well-received, the credit crunch still dominates the attention of financial professionals and business leaders,” according to Angus Robertson, Research Recap moderator. “Each time it appears that the scope of the subprime problem has been defined, its effects continue to ripple outwards into areas such as credit card and other consumer loans. Investors increasingly are turning to Research Recap for help in assessing the potential extent of the damage.”

The top ten posts for the quarter were:

1. 2007 Worst-Ever Vintage for US Subprime, Alt-A RMBS (Standard & Poors)
2. Alt-A Borrowers Looking More Like Subprime than Prime (Fitch Research)
3. Lenders Slow to Address Florida Mortgage Defaults (Barron’s)
4. Global Junk Bond Default Rate Doubled in First Five Months (Moody’s Investors Service)
5. US In Danger of Losing Top Renewable Energy Ranking (Ernst & Young)
6. Stocks with Questionable Management Integrity Identified (Audit Integrity)
7. Warning Signs Seen in Rising Credit Card Delinquencies (Credit Sights)
8. Bloggers’ Influence on Consumers Continues to Rise (Forrester Research)
9. Role of Hedge Funds in Subprime Crisis Examined (International Monetary Fund)
10. How Video Will Take Over The World (Forrester Research)

Alacra launched Research Recap last year to provide readers with an overview of recently released financial and market research, especially research that isn’t receiving widespread media coverage. Signature features of the blog include Research Zeitgeist, a weekly summary of top posts and hot topics, and regular Research Roundup posts that synthesize research from multiple sources on current topics.