The opening session of EBIC last Tuesday night was a panel discussion on the Future Role Of Information Aggregators chaired by Andrew Hughes of OneSource. Panelists were Dermot Corrigan from Lexis-Nexis, Jonathan Feroze of Business Monitor International, Simon Lande of Magus Research and Alan Scott from Factiva. This could have been interesting, but it seemed as if the participants were given a chance to talk about new products (the future) but declined. Simon didn’t mention Magus’s recently launched LawSuite nor did Alan mention Factiva’s new Reputation Management service, which is powered by IBM’s WebFountain. It sounds simplistic but the major issue facing content aggregators is that it is practically impossible to make money selling other people’s content. How the aggregator innovates and adds value (without stepping on the toes of the content providers) is the critical issue.