I’ve always thought of the technology-content relationship in terms of technology adding value to content. The technology value-add could be distribution (printing press, internet) or storage (hard drive, CD, DVD) or indexing (Google). I’ve been on a number of sales calls since Labor Day where the customer has bought or developed some nifty technology but, after the fact, determined that the application required content to add value. The most frequent example of this has been CRM systems, which at some firms have had extremely disappointing ROIs. Firms are saying, “Perhaps if we make the CRM system a place where users can get content about customers, the CRM system will be used more often.” I’ve seen some other workflow tools that incorporate information from internal databases that are not well populated may be inaccurate. These customers are looking to enhance their internal databases through the integration of external data into the workflow tool. Based on six weeks of sales calls, this seems to be an emerging trend.