GandWGraham & Whiteside is a long-time partner of Alacra. Here, Victoria Bentley talks about their well known and admired brand and the critical content they’ve been Victoria Bentleysupplying since 1976.

Tell us about Graham & Whiteside

Graham and Whiteside (G&W), a part of Cengage Learning, is a leading provider of global business information.  Founded in 1976, we have been supplying company data to leading corporations, financial institutions, libraries, researchers and business analysts for over 30 years.  The Graham and Whiteside brand is well known, greatly admired and synonymous with quality. Our Major Companies Database contains company information on large companies in countries throughout the world excluding North America. G&W is a member of the PPA (Periodical Publishers Association), the industry body representing data and directory publishers in the UK.

What are some typical uses for Graham and Whiteside content?

G&W data, reports and directories are used by a wide range of clients including investors, brokers, company directors, forecasters, professors and students. The breadth and depth of our data supports a wide range of enquiries, searches and research, for example, to find information on specific companies, to compare by industry sector or region, to review subsidiaries or change of structure and ownership. Our data is used to target potential named customers, suppliers and partners; to discover in-depth company information for market research; to check out competitors; to gain insight into a company’s corporate status, activities, branches and subsidiaries; to locate key decision makers in 100,000+ companies worldwide; to verify contact details including telephone, fax, email and URL and to generate mailing lists and sales leads.

What makes your content unique?

G&W editors use a unique range of sources and research methods to ensure accurate, timely data. Data collection is bespoke to each region, using a wide range of methods including fax and email questionnaires, telephone interviews and internet research. The latest financial statements, where published, are used to provide accurate, audited results data. Our long-term relationships with businesses and regulators in each country allow our editors to achieve high response rates even in traditionally “difficult” regions. Our direct telephone contacts with business use native linguists to overcome barriers and obtain first class information. Editors are experts in their region and understand from experience which methods produce the best results in each country.
How would you describe your coverage?

The G&W Major Companies database holds current, well-fielded information on major companies worldwide excluding North America. The database includes companies in the countries covered that fit one or more of the six criteria below:

1. Large incorporated companies as defined by company law in the country’s economy. This will vary by country, but includes “plc” type entities, whether listed on a stock exchange or not.
2. Large companies involved in strategic industries in the country.  These may well be nationalised industries or companies that are partially privatised with listings on stock exchanges in other countries. Large companies in significant sectors in the country, both traditional and new economy.
3. Large companies of geographical significance in the country; especially foreign company subsidiaries and regionally based companies.
4. Large companies of newsworthy status in the country from significant domestic media, from both business based and general news sources.
5. Large companies from company lists published regularly by the business, trade and general media in the country.
6. Large companies that are from non-incorporated business registered or not; especially family business, non-incorporated non-subsidiaries, branches, divisions or other units of companies, mutual business and partnerships of all forms

What do customers like best about Graham and Whiteside?

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our executive data and we find that this is highly appreciated by our customers. In addition we are known for the depth of data we can supply for approximately 71,000 unlisted companies worldwide as well as reliable information on companies in traditionally hard to research regions. Our customers appreciate the well maintained and structured company data with full records for over 100,000 companies, the accurate, manually researched data, the wide geographic coverage, the high level of detail, including nearly 300,000 subsidiary companies and the names of over 600,000 leading decision makers, the detailed business descriptions and our comprehensive selection criteria for inclusion.

Tell us about your editorial staff. What type of backgrounds do they have?

G&W has a team of editors with regional expertise, language and research skills. The key to our success is our editors’ knowledge of, and accountability for, the areas within which they work. Many of the editors are graduates with excellent language skills, and many have worked for years on the same region, building up in-depth, expert knowledge. Each editor has overall responsibility for the information they research and collect, and retains ultimate control over the data for his or her region. This results in accurate, quality information.


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