Timroyston-webb Canadean
Canadean, the powerful consumer market database, is a new Alacra partner. Mr. Tim Royston-Webb, Canadean’s Managing Director, recently spent some time telling us about Canadean, the heavy demand for their content and how they helped IKEA understand their gap in the kitchen market.

Tell us about Canadean.

Canadean has long held a reputation with FMCG companies for providing specialist business information by conducting detailed industry and consumer research, supported by insightful value-added analysis. We provide business intelligence covering the entire consumer value chain in the 9 following sectors: Ingredients, Packaging, Beer, Soft Drinks, Wines & Spirits, Health & Beauty, Food, Retail and Foodservice. Our contacts, coupled with our industry leading methodology enables us to provide the most accurate research in the market place.

What are some typical uses for Canadean content?

Our premium reports are often purchased by decision makers at Global Fortune 500 companies in order to improve their marketing, procurement and growth strategies. Typical customers include:

  • C level and D Level Management
  • Marketing Directors, CEO, Board – (Consumer trends reports in particular)
  • Brand managers, Marketing managers, Export Directors, Analysts

What makes your content unique?

  • Canadean’s unique selling point is our huge survey capability.  With 120,000 consumers surveyed it gives us a real in-depth view on consumer drivers and allows us to quantify trends – no other research house has successfully achieved this before.
  • Canadean has been providing strategic analysis to the leading players for nearly 40 years.  Our intelligence has helped shape the market and our reliability has allowed special relationships to form with the likes of coca-cola and PepsiCo who regularly rely on our market sizing data year after year.
  • Canadean is an integral part of the industry we work in and have the most comprehensive network of contacts. Our contacts, coupled with our industry leading methodology enables us to provide the most accurate research in the market place.

What do customers like best about Canadean?

  • Canadean publications quantify trends as well as supply and demand. 
  • We have built up a reputation of trust and knowledgeable insight.
  • All our Analysts are specialists in their fields and have years of experience working with international business.
  • We have a vast product offering with research from as little as $75 – $10,000+

What business trends are you spotting among your customers?

Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing heavy demand for research on the consumer markets in the BRIC countries as these economies continue to grow at much higher rates than the traditional OECD countries. Competition in BRIC is extremely fierce meaning retailers in particular have to use research as a tool for leverage when entering new markets.

How has the recent economic crisis impacted your market?

The economic crisis has had a minimal effect on sales of Canadean research. Canadean’s focus on food and beverages means it has been well shielded from the global economic downturn, as this industry has not seen a fall in consumption levels – everybody needs to eat after all! 

The current economic environment can be rough for publishers but also provides opportunities. How is the economy impacting your market today?

The consumer market is a very affluent market and is resilient in the face economic difficulty as people will always need to consume.  Therefore manufacturers, suppliers, producers and channels need to understand peoples’ consumption habits and trends behind this, making market research a fundamental requirement for their business needs.

 What sorts of interesting or unexpected uses of your content have you seen?

Canadean helped IKEA to create their latest advertising campaign by understanding where their gap in the kitchens market was, why it was there and how to address it. The results Canadean provided to IKEA led to this shift in positioning and finally a growth of 0.8% in the kitchens market in the UK, the fastest growing against all their peers.


To see recent research from Canadean, visit the Canadean Company Reports on AlacraStore.com. 

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