Technology Research Group is our newest premium partner database.  Chris Bulkey, Principal Analyst, took a few moments to fill us in on why their methodology fills a market gap and tells us why their research is as "subtle as a punch in the face".

Tell us about Technology Research Group.

Technology Research Group is a provider of forensic accounting and equity research services. We take a "behind the numbers" approach to assessing a company's financials. Areas of focus include revenue recognition, earnings quality, and corporate governance. Research methodology is designed to level the playing field for retail investors by exposing biases in traditional sell side (brokerage) research. An overriding goal is to identify companies that inflate profitability through creative accounting practices. We have no tolerance for self dealing and managerial greed. Commentary can be scathing when need be.  
What are some typical uses for your content?

Most common use is to improve the performance an investor's portfolio. We help single out holdings that were purchased because they provide monetary benefit to the financial adviser and his or her company. Brokerage firms have a long standing history of touting companies with whom they either maintain an investment banking relationship or make a market in their stock. This is often done without regard for fundamentals or suitability with client risk tolerance. Our services can help manage this problem.   
What makes your content unique?

The research methodology itself makes for unique content. The market for critical, accounting-based research is largely underserved. There are hundreds of independent research providers (IRPs) out there. Only a few focus on controversial topics such as accounting transparency and fiduciary duty. Technology Research Group was created to fill this gap.   

What do customers like best about Technology Research Group?

I believe it is our willingness to “say whatever needs to be said.” A longstanding client once told me “your research is about as subtle as a punch in the face; I really enjoy that.”

What business trends are you spotting among your customers?

Over the past year or so, we have noticed clients expressing a desire to protect against downside risk. Economic woes and banking scandals have people on edge. Avoiding companies with shaky financials and aggressive accounting policies has become a key concern. Clients fear these characteristics could open the door for a scandalous development, such as an SEC investigation or accounting restatement.

The current economic environment can be rough for publishers but also provides opportunities. How is the economy impacting your market today?

Current economic conditions are making things tough for everyone. The market for forensic research can be counter cyclical to some degree. A key principle behind our consulting services is to manage downside risk. In this regard, we are helping to safeguard assets. Offering a degree of safety can be an attractive quality for nervous investors.

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