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Cross-Referencing Entity Data for a Client-Centric View of the Enterprise

An Industry Briefing Prepared by Reference Data Review:

This paper looks at the regulatory and business challenges facing firms as they struggle to institute a client-centric view of their data, and explores how cross-referencing data sources can help them achieve their entity data management goals.” Download White Paper

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI – Issue III

LEI registration continues apace. There are currently over 260,000 entities that have been assigned an LEI and there are now 14 Local Operating Units or LOUs. This update contains information from 10 of the LOUs covering about 92% of the LEI universe… Download

Alacra Compliance Primer – Positive Developments on Beneficial Ownership

It is widely accepted that illicit actors continue to create legal entities, masking beneficial ownership information in order to facilitate access to the financial system and conduct financial crimes. A number of developments have recently occurred that may help the United States make progress on requiring the identification of beneficial ownership of businesses and accountholders… […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI – Issue II

A few weeks ago Alacra published Inside the LEI, which focused on the entities that had received pre-LEIs from the four largest pre-LOUs: the DTCC’s GMEI utility in the United States, the London Stock Exchange in the UK, WM Datenservice in Germany and INSEE in France. This update includes information from two additional pre-LOUs: the […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI

Alacra has been integrating the pre-LEI data files from the endorsed pre-LOUs as the data has been published. In response to customer demand we have been adding these entities to the Alacra Authority File, our reference database that previously contained only rated, regulated and listed companies globally. Although there are many use cases for the […]

Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

Alacra has announced the release of “Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions,” a white paper which answers the question most frequently asked of Alacra during compliance workflow discussions, “What are other banks doing to meet these challenges?” Read more… Download White Paper

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LEI READINESS: Instant Integration With Alacra Concordance

While implementation of the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) for financial market participants is still several months away, and benefits from the LEI may not be seen until 2013 or later, Alacra believes that the LEI will become an essential and integral part of every financial institution’s reference data operation. Alacra is preparing for the release […]

The Total Economic Impact™ of Alacra Concordance In Financial Institutions—Forrester Consulting

Alacra Concordance provides a 400+ percent Return On Investment, according to a commissioned study. By smoothly aggregating disparate financial data, Alacra Concordance offered nearly $2 million in savings in productivity and labor costs.” Download White Paper

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Alacra Compliance

A comprehensive new solution helping financial institutions comply with AML and BSA regulations. Alacra Compliance is a workflow-based application that provides a framework for consistent application of your existing AML procedures and processes. Alacra Compliance helps you streamline the on-boarding process by bringing together all of your research sources within a single application. Download White […]

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Concordance and Federated Searching—The Benefits Of Alacra’s Process

Alacra Concordance is the process of cross-referencing Alacra’s authority files to the authority files of the numerous information providers available through our suite of products. This white paper illustrates how concordance (company/security, industry AND country), along with our proprietary search algorithms and syntax options, interact seamlessly to provide a comprehensive set of content via a […]

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