Bloomberg Marches On

I know one of the salesmen over at Bloomberg. In early February he told me that Bloomberg had sold 1200 net new terminals in January, which I thought was an astonishing number. Reports now say that they averaged 1200 net new terminals a month through the first quarter and I’ve heard that April was pretty […]

The Google IPO

I’ve really had enough of all this Google press. For a good, quick review of the S1, see John Battelle’s Searchblog.


Louis Borders (Borders Books & Music, Webvan) gave the keynote at Buying & Selling eContent. His talk was largely a commercial for KeepMedia, his latest venture, which is a premium content service that aggregates content from 140+ magazines. I immediately thought of Steve Brill’s Contentville debacle, and Rafat Ali thought the […]

Just Back From Buying & Selling eContent

Up until this year, this conference was jointly sponsored by Information Todayand Outsell. Outsell pulled out this year, I believe because they’re having their own conference called Go! in September. I was concerned that without Outsell the program and attendees might be a little thinner, but that was not the case. […]

Newspapers: Red Sky at Morning

About ten years ago, Tod Jacobs, at the time a Sanford Bernstein equity analyst, wrote a 165 page research report entitled Red Sky at Morning: The Newspaper Industry. (I still have a copy.) A snippet on the cover said “Longer term, pricing power to weaken in the wake of changing advertising habits and […]


“Even though everyone’s down on Google these days, they remain the most interesting company in the world…” See Jason Kottke’s post on GooOS, the Google Operating System here, which comments on Rich Skrenta’s post here.

I don’t think you can be an informed knowledge management professional, information professional or a regular user […]

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Search Engine Helpers?

I recently tested a demo version of a product called Onfolio, designed to help researchers who use the web organize and publish their findings more effectively. Both Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) and Chris Sherman (Searchenginewatch.com) gave this product a favorable review. Despite the low price, ($30 or $80, […]

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The Alacra Road Map, Part One – New Content

Over the next couple of weeks there will be several posts outlining what Alacra is working on for release prior to SLA in June and over the summer. First up is new content:

Marketresearch.com will be added to Alacra in May. Over 50,000 market research reports from hundreds of publishers around the world. Marketresearch.com […]

Social Networking & Knowledge Management

It’s great when you see someone ahead of the curve. Out of curiosity I typed “social networking knowledge management” into Google. The first hit was a blog posting by Dave Pollard dated May 23, 2003 titled Social Networking, Social Software and the Future of Knowledge Management. There are two terrific things […]

Content Aggregation

The opening session of EBIC last Tuesday night was a panel discussion on the Future Role Of Information Aggregators chaired by Andrew Hughes of OneSource. Panelists were Dermot Corrigan from Lexis-Nexis, Jonathan Feroze of Business Monitor International, Simon Lande of Magus Research and Alan Scott from Factiva. This could have been interesting, but it seemed […]