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More on Tagging and Blog Search

Last week Fred Wilson had wrote about Posting, Subscribing and Tagging as the essential components of blogging. Tom Evslin was equally insightful posting Blog Changes: Taxonomy and Folksonomy

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More State of the Blogosphere

Dave Sifry, founder and CEO of blog search firm Technorati continues his State of Blogosphere report.  Part 1 covered Blog Growth, Part 2 covered Posting Volume and Part 3, posted yesterday, covers Tags & Tagging.   I am most interested in the Tags & Tagging coverage; […]

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It’s All About Search

Not a day goes by without news about web search. Business Week covers the Google and Yahoo! talent grab this week. Search Engine Watch finds that results returned by the major engines are dramatically different than one would expect. The FT covered vertical search in detail a couple […]

RSS Is New Media for Business

In the past ten years, the established consumer delivery channels for news, information and entertainment have been attacked by new technologies.  Newspapers are dying due to online delivery of news and, more importantly, online classified ads.  Broadcast TV viewers have moved to cable networks, pay-per-view movies and digital video recorders.  Consumers increasingly […]

Package Flexibly or Perish

The Grokster decision was a rare victory for traditional media.  But the protection gained by the movie and music industries will be short-lived as the way we are entertained and informed transforms from how it was just a few years ago.  The shift is everywhere and is picking up speed.  […]

Alacra and RSS

At the SLA Business & Finance Division Vendor Update on Monday June 6th, I gave a 5 minute presentation on Alacra’s RSS initiative.  I was joined on the panel by representatives from Factiva, LexisNexis, Dialog, Business Monitor International and ISI Euromoney.  Judging from the lack of questions asked during the session and […]

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Factiva Does RSS

Factiva and Newsgator have teamed up to make Factiva’s Track Folders available in RSS.  The Factiva folks must be talking to many of the same customers we’ve been talking to – while RSS adoption has been slow, many firms seem to be interested.  And while there are alerting or current awareness capbilities […]

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The Top of the Blog Market Approaches

Chiming in on the discussion over at Fred Wilson’s place about whether or not anyone reads blogs. I agree with Fred. Clearly, there are many, many blogs and some of the more popular blogs are hit quite often. Fred points to Wonkette’s huge number of hits. But there are […]

Newspapers: Red Sky at Morning

About ten years ago, Tod Jacobs, at the time a Sanford Bernstein equity analyst, wrote a 165 page research report entitled Red Sky at Morning: The Newspaper Industry. (I still have a copy.) A snippet on the cover said “Longer term, pricing power to weaken in the wake of changing advertising habits and […]

Social Networking & Knowledge Management

It’s great when you see someone ahead of the curve. Out of curiosity I typed “social networking knowledge management” into Google. The first hit was a blog posting by Dave Pollard dated May 23, 2003 titled Social Networking, Social Software and the Future of Knowledge Management. There are two terrific things […]