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IBM’s Many Eyes Brings Data Visualization to Everyone

ManyeyesPosted by Barry Graubart, Vice President, Product Management

Identifying and understanding relationships across large data sets is difficult.  Traditional row & column approaches can’t scale or support non-linear relationships.  For a number of years, […]

John Battelle Interviews Joe Kraus

John Battelle of of Searchblog interviews Joe Kraus, the founder and CEO of JotSpot, which was recently acquired by Google.  No insights into the Googleization of knowledge management, but Joe does describe what it’s like to be at Google.

More Enterprise Social Software Validation

The New York Times reported yesterday IBM to Introduce Worker’s Networking Software, which describes the integration of Web 2.0 style collaboration features into Lotus Notes.  Business Week reported that Lotus Connections

wraps five social networking technologies up into one integrated package—similar to what Microsoft’s Office does for traditional desktop productivity software such as […]

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From Blogmaverick to MavsWiki

Mavswiki_1 Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks continue to leverage technology for sports marketing.  Cuban, of course, gained fame and fortune through, later sold to Yahoo.

Cuban, never one […]

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Another Enterprise 2.0 Case Study

Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School posts about Avenue A Razorfish‘s intranet, which is deployed as a wiki.  It’s a great post in that McAfee breaks apart what goes on in each section of the intranet and there are a number of screen shots.  Avenue A Razorfish is using MediaWiki , the […]

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Second Life

Second_life According to an article in this weekend’s FT, Get a (second) life, "If you haven’t heard about it yet, you should be getting a little nervous."  Second Life is being […]

A Social Networking Primer from the FT

The Weekend FT had an excellent, long article on Social Networks titled The high priestess of internet friendship, which profiled Danah Boyd.  The article presents plenty of evidence for the "you are what you publish theme." 

…most people, Boyd found, were using the sites to present themselves to a small group of friends […]

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Google Buys JotSpot; Socialtext Teams With Microsoft

Jotspot I’ve posted a number of times in the past about how the growing adoption of social software is in many ways Knowledge                Management 2.0.  Whereas five years ago Knowledge […]

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Wiki Adoption

There’s a good article on wiki adoption over at  Why Wikis Are Conquering the Enterprise.

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Knowledge Management Pieces, Loosely Joined

Readwrite Read/Write Web has become a favorite blog.  Wednesday they had a post called Personalized News: A Market Overview, which compares and contrasts a number of personalized content solutions.  "The idea […]