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Enterprise RSS

Enterprise_rss_forrester_may07 Read/WriteWeb highlights a new Forrester Research report on Enterprise RSS: Enterprise RSS Tackles Information Worker Overload

Information workers today are drowning in content — email, newsletters, press releases, and spam […]

Hinchcliffe on Web 2.0 and Corporate Culture

Last month at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Dion Hinchcliffe gave a 3 hour presentation called What is Web 2.0: The Rules for Creating Successful Online Products In The 21st Century. Several hundred people sat through the session in its entirety on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  It was the first session I […]

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Stuff Worth Reading

The Wall Street Journal has an informative piece on Microsoft’s Sharepoint collaborative software product: Microsoft Embeds Sleeper in Business Software. Here’s the summary from the online version. The shocker is that there are 85 million Sharepoint licenses in the world spread among 17,000 companies.   Robert Berkman at Information Advisor has made this month’s […]

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Social Networks: Obvious Value

The Economist has a two column article on social networking this week called Joined-up thinking. [Sorry, subscription only.]  It’s one of those occasional mash-ups of an article that touches on almost everything (MySpace, Jobster, LinkedIn, Visible Path, Walmart’s The Hub) but says little.  The two last sentences:

"Social networking sounds great in theory, but […]

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What Management Tools Do You Use?

Km_from_bain According to a global management study by Bain and Company, "Executives are taking a hard look at soft issues.  Bain surveyed more than 1,200 international executives and found a shift in focus […]

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Businesses Adopt Web 2.0

Nicholas Carr posted on Wednesday a quick summary of two recent studies on business use of Web 2.0 technologies. The McKinsey study, from which this graph is taken, is available free.  The Forrester report, titled Efficiency Gains And Competitive Pressures Drive Enterprise Web 2.0 Adoption, is available through the Alacra Store.

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But Will They Share?

Reuters_1 The Guardian reports that Reuters is going to set up a closed social network for the financial community – a financial MySpace.

Reuters hopes to draw from the 70,000 subscribers of its messaging service […]

Information Week Covers Enterprise 2.0

The Information Week cover story last week was on Enterprise 2.0 technologies. 

"More than half of business technology pros surveyed by InformationWeek are either skeptical about tools such as blogs, wikis, and online social networks, or they’re willing but wary of adopting them. What gives?"

What gives is that business technology pros might not be […]

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Social Media Invades…

The Attentio blog links to some new research entitled The Hype is Real: Social Media Invades the Inc. 500

The research proves conclusively that social media is coming to the business world at a faster rate than many anticipated.  It also indicates that corporate familiarity and usage of social media is racing far […]

A Long, But Complete Definition of Web 2.0

Web20logossmall I got around to reading the FT’s special section on Digitial Business from Wednesday’s paper.  You can see it here but most of it is subscription only.  Richard Waters has a piece titled […]