Inside the GIIN

Like our popular “Inside the LEI” series, Alacra’s latest Reference Data Alert goes “Inside the GIIN” to detail this identifier and the universe it covers.

The GIIN or Global Intermediary Identifier Number is issued by the IRS to foreign financial institutions (FFIs) as part of the […]

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If You Knew Google Like We Know Google or why Google is not (Google), Goog!, Goo* AND/OR a ~Google

In the world of KYC, Google has become a ubiquitous component of client onboarding, CDD, EDD and Vendor Due Diligence best practices. Searches are often written once and then enshrined in procedures. As a supplement to checks against traditional sanctions, public record, PEP, criminal record, litigation and specialized adverse media providers, a Google search can reveal valuable, risk relevant […]

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Interest in LEI is in US

Interest in LEI has plummeted

The Fed Isn’t Really Pushing LEIs…

Last week the Federal Reserve put out a press release announcing a proposal that would seem to mandate the use of LEIs on certain regulatory reporting forms:

The Federal Reserve Board on Monday announced a proposal that would require banking organizations to include their existing Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) on certain regulatory […]

Accelerating LEI Adoption – An Idea from the Edge

None of the benefits that could be gleaned from the establishment of the Legal Entity Identifier has been realized, and there is no evidence that the status quo will change anytime soon. To jumpstart the adoption and usefulness of the LEI, regulators either must mandate the world’s largest financial institutions register or pay them to comply.

Recently, the Global Legal […]

Inside the LEI – Part V

Recent conversations with executives close to the GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identification Foundation) revealed an underlying conflict in the creation of the LEI database. The LEI registration process and data collection activities are being optimized for three constituencies: the regulators, the registrants, and the Local Operating Units (LOUs). However, a fourth constituency, equal in importance to the other […]

Quick Review of Today’s LEI Webinar

The GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) in concert with the GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association) held a webinar this morning to give market participants an update as to the state of the GLEIS (Global Legal Entity Identifier System).  Speakers included Robin Doyle of JP Morgan, Matthew Reed of the Office of Financial […]

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The most wonderful time of the year


Alacra UK always has a unique way of making the holiday fun and special. Hilariously ugly sweater contests are just the top of the tree so to speak. This year it looks like the lovely Victoria Todd won a “decorate your desk” contest by outdoing everyone else on […]

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Inside the LEI — Issue IV — Part 4

LEIs Assigned to Large Fund Families


Funds of various types make up a large percentage of entities that have been assigned an LEI. The chart above highlights the number of registered funds of several large global fund […]