Random Recession Reporting

Zabars I had lunch with a client at Bobby Van’s Grill on Broad Street, Friday at 1:00.  The place was pretty empty, usually you need a reservation for Friday lunch.
Saturday mid-afternoon I walked […]

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Oh No, Not Again…

Mets logo I just received our playoff tickets.  Anyone have any opinion on whether or not we’ll get to use any of them?

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Gaping Void

Ms2128thumb I’m a big fan of Hugh MacLeod.  Many of his cartoons either contain four letter words I prefer not to re-print or they’re not relevant to Alacra or Alacrablog.  But this one is.

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Blog Tagged

Fellow Knight-Ridder refugee Ken Doctor “tagged” me over the holidays. Ken had been tagged by another K-R alum, David Scott.  It’s like a chain letter for bloggers.  I’m supposed to reveal 5 things about myself and then tag 5 of my favorite bloggers.

1) In the late 80s I was a guest TV commentator […]

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Joshua Schachter and del.icio.us

Delicious42px For a great background article on Joshua Schachter, founder of del.icio.us, see James Surowiecki’s article in the MIT Technology Review.  Replying to how to expand the del.icio.us audience from the […]

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Waiting for Blogmaverick

In May of 2005 I posted about Mark Cuban and his description on Blogmaverick of how Steve Nash went to the Suns. I’ve been a regular Blogmaverick reader since then and interestingly, if you Google Blogmaverick, my post is the third hit. I’m looking forward to Cuban’s recap of the series […]

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Trends and Predictions for 2006

There’s an endless stream of 2006 predictions in blogland and one way to see many in one place is with the delicious prediction tag. Fred has his own delicious summary and a series of posts called Predicting the Future. In addition to reading Fred I recommend John Battelle,

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Stuff to Read

Ken Doctor has a new blog called Content Bridges.  Lots of good observations on the Knight-Ridder situation in particular, and the newspaper situation in general.  John Batelle has a New York Times op-ed piece on Web 2.0 which John Blossom comments upon.  There’s an excellent (although as would be […]

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Outsell’s Leader Board

Last Friday’s Outsell Now contained this chart on SADS – Search, Aggregation and Data Services.  Apart from feeling left out, it seems that an ecletic group of companies had been included.  Perhaps the MarketView report this has been excerpted from contains the inclusion criteria but it’s an expensive report so I may never know.

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What I Found While Packing

It’s not moving that’s such a drag. It’s the packing. Especially for people like me who have a hard time throwing anything out. I save photos, articles, prospectuses, business plans, magazines – almost anything. Highlights of what I found:

Copy Number 11 of Mosaic Communications Corporation (Netscape) business plan, dated August 17, 1994 and […]

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