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Identity Resolution for Anti-Money Laundering

Financial institutions looking to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing regulations face a multitude of challenges.  One of the biggest hurdles is the fact that the watchlists provided by regulatory agencies often have sparse information.  Let’s face it, terrorists and fraudsters generally don’t provide detailed biographical and personal details.

That leaves […]

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Alacra Wiki adds Consultant, Recruiter Categories

Alacrawiki_2 We’ve just added two new categories to the Alacra Wiki.  The new sections provide profiles of leading consultants to the content industry and executive recruiters serving the content industry.


Enterprise RSS

Enterprise_rss_forrester_may07 Read/WriteWeb highlights a new Forrester Research report on Enterprise RSS: Enterprise RSS Tackles Information Worker Overload

Information workers today are drowning in content — email, newsletters, press releases, and spam […]

Bubble Talk

I don’t normally read Gillian Tett’s market insight column in the FT and I would never read the Bank of England’s twice-a-year Financial Stability report.  But Ms. Tett’s Friday column on the report, which highlighted the rapidly growing balance sheets of LCFIs (large complex financial institutions, see chart) closed with the following:

Moreover, a […]

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Expanding Data = Expanding Opportunities

Opendata2007 From Monday night until yesterday afternoon I attended two conferences: Open Data 2007, which was put together by Seth Goldstein, and Reuters, and then FIMA’s annual Reference Data Conference. […]

The Impact of Digitalization

Kpmg_report_2 KPMG recently published a 36 page report titled The Impact of Digitalization.  Targeted mainly at corporate executives who might be unfamiliar with Web 2.0 and the changing habits of Generation Y, the report […]

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Open Data 2007

With the help of Reuters, Seth Goldstein has put together an all-star line-up to discuss Open Data tonight and tomorrow.  I was lucky enough to get an invitation.

Open Data is to media what Open Source is to technology.

If you’re not familar with Seth, he has regularly been involved in businesses and […]

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Blogs Are the New Resume

Innovation Zen asks the question, "Are Blogs The New Resume?"  About a year ago I posted "You Are What You Publish" which answers this question.  What you publish can help define or describe who you are – much more so than a list of accomplishments on a piece of paper – that looks […]

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Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

Fred had a post called Explain This to Me on the $100 million valuation Charles River Ventures placed on Geni, the geneology based social networking start-up, which according to some sources is only 7 weeks old.

Does a $100mm valuation on a website with less traffic than this blog mean we are in a […]

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Microsoft’s Google-Bashing Part II

Thomas Rubin’s Google-bashing is at the top of Techmeme right now. Don Dodge, a Microsoft employee on the emerging business team calls it "Really dumb move!"

Oh boy, here we go. Microsoft attacks Google  on copyright regarding their book scanning project, and then takes a swipe at YouTube as well. Really […]

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