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Mary Meeker on Web 2.0

Web2summitMorgan Stanley technology guru Mary Meeker was among the notable speakers at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Meeker noted that, after underperforming the S&P 500 in six of the previous seven years, tech stocks […]

Web 2.0 Summit – Day One

17siliconlargeThe front page of the New York Times had an article on the apparent web start-up bubble, but Mike Moritz disagrees.  When asked on stage by John Heilemann of New York Magazine, Moritz pretty much […]

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More on Facebook and Facebook for Business

Facebook The Facebook conversation is overflowing:  Over the weekend the NY TImes had an op-ed column titled The Fakebook Generation, written by a recent Dartmouth graduate.  Facebook is characterized as the "popular online study […]

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Widgets for the Content Industry

(posted by Barry Graubart, Vice President, Product Management)

I had the opportunity to moderate a very interesting panel today at the SIIA Brown Bag, “Think Small: Why Widgets are the Next Big Thing for Content Distribution“.  We had three great panelists:

  • Alex Iskold, Founder & CEO, AdaptiveBlue
  • Steve Touhill, Vice President, Business Development, Clearspring
  • Jeff Yolen, […]

A Facebook for Business Mashup

Facebook_statsFor anyone not up to speed on the phenomenon that is Facebook, just check out the stats on the right from Comscore that accompanied an article in the FT last week.  I’ve posted […]

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Facebook, YouTube and Other Office Distractions

Yesterday, in the office, I watched Sarah Silverman skewer Britany Spears at the MTV Music Awards on YouTube.  I also accepted my son’s invitation to be his friend on Facebook.  All together this took less than 10 minutes, but I still felt guilty about it and knew I was setting a bad example.  Because […]

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Acoona Revisited

Just back from two great weeks in Israel – hence the light posting. 

I’ve posted a couple of times over the years about search engine Accoona, first in December 2004 and then again in March 2006.  Then earlier this month the Accoona filed to go public which seemed ridiculous to […]

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YHOO – The Last Portal

Using data from Comscore and eMarketer, Bear Stearns tries to make a case for Yahoo! entering the social networking space.  The two key points are 1) Social networks are growing much faster than the "traditional portals" and 2) Will social networks become the new portal?  Jeff Jarvis had the right […]

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Facebook for Business? Nope

Facebook Lots of follow-through last week on whether or not Facebook can morph into a business medium.  I’m a big fan of Netvibes – it’s my primary RSS reader – and last week Netvibes […]

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Facebook for Business?

Facebookeconomy There’s an ongoing discussion here at Alacra (and I’m sure elsewhere) about whether or not Facebook can become an important business tool, in some (or all) ways replacing and improving the value provided […]

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