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Funny, Funnier, Funniest and True

I read the first few lines of Marc Andreessen’s post Inaugurating the New York Times Deathwatch in my RSS reader.  He wrote:

The hiring of Bill Kristol was the last straw.

I can’t take it anymore.

I hereby inaugurate my New York Times Deathwatch, which will continue until the last Sulzberger has left […]

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SIIA Previews This Afternoon, IIS Wednesday & Thursday

Siia_sumit_logo I’m looking forward to SIIA Previews this afternoon, the "prequel" to the Information Industry Summit which is tomorrow and Thursday at Cipriani on 42nd Street.  I’m on the Information Industry Innovators panel […]

Introducing Alacra’s Premium Content Ad Network

AlacralogomedInternet advertising has improved in many ways over the past few years.  The combination of contextual and behavioral targeting has increased the relevancy of ads online. 

Yet most internet advertising is focused on […]

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Google vs. Microsoft – This is News?

The lead article in Sunday’s NY Times business section was Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft.  It’s amazing how often the Times is now so far behind the story – most of this piece could have been written a couple of years ago.  One quote stood out – mainly because it echoed what […]

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My Online Information Keynote

32962Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia was in the big auditorium while I was speaking in a somewhat smaller, but fully packed presentation room.  I had 25 minutes to talk about trends in the business information industry, […]

Facebook Beacon – It’s a Problem

I read about Charlene Li’s Facebook Beacon encounter last week and thought that Facebook had probably stepped over the line.  But since I hadn’t experienced the opt-out mechanism myself I didn’t have a strong reaction.  Then I got Beaconed on Friday night and now I’m going to avoid Facebook until they get this figured […]

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Alacra Launches the Alacra Content Marketplace

AlacralogomedDuring the past eleven years, Alacra has integrated more than one hundred twenty premium content databases into its data warehouse.  But for everyone one which we’ve added, there are probably two or three which we’ve […]

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The Web Is Dead…

George_colony_2 George Colony, the CEO of Forrester, was the keynote speaker at the opening dinner at the Outsell event on Sunday night.  The talk was titled Five Things I Would Tell Your Board […]

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You Are What You Publish #3

Lawyers Mine Facebook, MySpace For Clues They Can Use in Court

At Malbrough & Lirette in Houma, La., a secretary browses MySpace and Facebook Web sites each day.  She’s not checking the online social networking sites for personal reasons, but is performing one of her job duties."It’s an everyday occasion," said Joan Malbrough, a partner […]

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Web 2.0 Summit – Day Two

The previous post covered Mary Meeker’s show but there were lots of other highlights today at Web 2.0.  Conversations with Steve Ballmer and Meg Whitman were interesting but the Facebook As A Platform panel was an eye-opener.  Seth Goldstein opined that Facebook’s platform play was going to be a trend setter and that all […]

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