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Introducing the Alacra Widget

AlacralogosmallYou may have noticed a scrolling thingy on the right sidebar of this blog in recent weeks. This is the just released Alacra Affiliate Widget.  The Alacra Affiliate Widget is a widgetized version of the […]


I’ve commented before on Facebook not being that suitable for business use, especially compared to LinkedIn.  But even though I don’t use Facebook much and I’m probably several standard deviations away from the age of the average user, it did me a good turn this week.  I updated my profile saying I was going […]

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Enterprise 2.0 = Knowledge Management 2.0

Rafat reported, and Fred posted about Austin Ventures‘ new $50 million roll-up fund focused on Corporate Social Networking and Services.  The title of Fred’s post was "Is Social Enterprise Software an Oxymoron?"  That’s a great question.  My view has been that what people call Enterprise 2.0 is really cheaper, easier-to-deploy and more […]

Another Reason to Look at WSJ

Gordon_crovitz Gordon Crovitz has a new column In the Wall Street Journal and on on Mondays called Information Age. The first installment, published Monday, was titled Optimism and the Digital World.

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2008 BSeC Rant

"The people working to crush the existing publishing models are working much harder than the people trying to maintain the existing publishing models." Stephen Arnold

It never ceases to amaze me how two people can be in the same room and hear entirely different things. Ace analyst and friend John […]

Growth of the Alacra Store

AlacrastoreWhen Alacra first launched the Alacra Store in 2005, we weren’t sure what to expect. Traditionally, most business information was sold to institutional clients and there was much skepticism over whether medium and small […]

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Alacra seeks Business Development Manager

AlacralogomedAlacra has an immediate opportunity for a business development manager with 1-3 years experience in an online biz dev role. This position will be responsible for recruiting partners for our newest offering, the Premium […]

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Will Sell-Side Research Share the Fate of the Music Industry?

Money2008_home_logo_conf Henry Blodget of Silicon Alley Insider, Barry Ritholtz of FusionIQ, Nouriel Roubini of RGE Monitor and Jonathan Glick of Gerson Lehrman Group were on a Money:Tech panel chaired by […]

Money:Tech – Day One

Money2008_home_logo_conf Today was a mixed bag for the first-ever Money:Tech conference hosted by Paul Kedrosky and Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media.  The morning was terrific: Tim did his Web 2.0 overview, which I’ve heard/seen before, […]

Prolific: Characterized by an abundance of production

Infectious Tomorrow and Thursday two prolific people are hosting a conference in Money2008_home_logo_conf […]