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Street Pulse Named CODiE Award Finalist

Alacralogosmall We're honored that our newest application, Street Pulse, has been named a finalist in the 2009 CODiE Awards in the category of Best Content Aggregation Service. The CODiEs, sponsored […]

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You Are What You Publish #8

Protect your privacy every chance you get.  Barry pointed me to this post titled 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know.  And Seth Godin has a post titled Personal Branding in the age of Google, which highlights that everyone uses Google to research people and the dirt is there for everyone […]

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You Are What You Publish #7 – Twittering about Memphis

Someone from Ketchum, about to make a presentation to FedEx, twittered something unflattering about Memphis.  A Fedex employee read the tweet and the shitake hit the fan.  Read all about it at Peter Shankman's blog – Be Careful What You Post

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Jobs Summary

Apple logo A summary of $AAPL analysts’ comments on Steve Jobs’ leave of absence:

Charlie Wolf, Needham: “Steve Jobs health” factor could cause the stock to fall an additional 10% to 15%. […]

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Newspapers and the Web

Knight_Ridder_HQ For my fellow Knight-Ridder refugees, Jack Shafer at Slate has a good read called How Newspapers Tried to Invent the Web (but failed).  The piece mentions Viewtron, the […]

You Are What You Publish #5

I've written a few times in the past about the importance of being careful with what you publish on the web, be it on a blog or a Facebook or MySpace page.  With two kids applying to college, this article in today's Wall Street Journal was well-timed: College Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is […]

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Our Summer Innovation Cycle

NYC Sunset The end of summer brings many memories. For Alacra, one of the best parts of summer is that we recruit summer interns to work on new projects. This summer, we […]

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Start-Up Post Mortem

Monitor110logo2 Roger Ehrenberg’s post mortem analyzing the demise of Monitor 110 has been highlighted by a number of A-List bloggers and for good reason – it’s rare you get an entrepreneur […]

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You Are What You Publish #4

I’ve posted several times in the past (here, here, here) on the importance of carefully considering what you publish on the web.  I was at a college admissions workshop last weekend that was hosted by the University of Rochester.  One of the speakers explained that at some schools, an admissions officer might […]

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My Favorite Time of Year

Yes, summer is around the corner. Kids will be off to camp after finals.  But what's really great is that our summer interns started this week.  Every summer we hire one or more summer interns to work on a project we think they can complete in 8 or 10 weeks.  Past projects include an

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