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Tagging: the Heartbeat of Alacra Pulse

Alacra Pulse Logo Tagging is at the heart of Alacra Pulse – it’s the technology that sifts through hundreds of thousands of stories and blog posts, delivering just […]

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Digital promiscuity is due to lack of switching costs

I was sorry to have missed the Web 2.0 Summit this year. Over the weekend I watched a couple of the session videos.  The panel discussion titled Whither Journalism, led by John Battelle with Robert […]

A Curated List of 10 Top Articles on Curation

The word of the week is curation.  I posted about curation as it related to Alacra Pulse, but curation is all over the web.  Here are some of the best recent articles and posts by opinion leaders on the web:

'Curation,' and journalists as curators, by Mindy McAdams, Teaching Online Journalism, […]

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Paul Graham on Meetings

Paul Graham, a partner in the unique venture fund / start-up incubator Y Combinator, has a terrific post up about meetings titled Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule.

One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people. Meetings cost them […]

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Alacra Pulse Adds Twitter, Social Bookmarking Integration

Alacralogosmall Alacra Pulse has just added two new social media features to help users more easily share critical information with peers:

Tweet This allows users to share their favorite Alacra Pulse stories on Twitter. […]

Is Linking Social Networks a Good Idea? I Don’t Think So

The final panel of last week’s SIIA NetGain (#Netgain) conference covered social networking. Representatives of Facebook, Plaxo, and LexisNexis were on the panel.   The conversation focused on how the different social networks were going to enable users to connect and share data between them.  There were a bunch of PowerPoint slides shown; one […]


The continuous serendipity of Twitter.

Last week I read with amazement Umair Haque’s post on the NY Times potentially buying Twitter.  As the numerous comments point out, this is financially impossible for the Times and would be strategically suicidal for Twitter.  It’s also hard to come up with a case where 2 businesses, each currently […]

Talking Freemium at Buying & Selling eContent

Tomorrow I head out to Buying & Selling eContent in Scottsdale.  It’s a great conference for me because there’s always an excellent mix of content partners, customers and software vendors.  This year it will be a little smaller than usual, but there’s still a terrific line-up of attendees.  On Monday I am leading a […]

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A Morning in the Fourth Grade

Mollies class best Posted by Fran Falchook:  Several weeks ago, my daughter Mollie’s fourth grade teacher inquired if I would come in and teach her class about Alacra.  Lakeville School was hosting […]

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Two Views on Twitter

"The Short History of the Internet is Littered with Value Destruction of Spectacular Proportions."  Well, I can't disagree with that, and Bernstein analyst Jeff Lindsey offers up a number of examples in his recent report The Ruinous History of "Pre-Business" Internet Deals, which I wish I could link to.  But his […]

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