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If You Knew Google Like We Know Google or why Google is not (Google), Goog!, Goo* AND/OR a ~Google

In the world of KYC, Google has become a ubiquitous component of client onboarding, CDD, EDD and Vendor Due Diligence best practices. Searches are often written once and then enshrined in procedures. As a supplement to checks against traditional sanctions, public record, PEP, criminal record, litigation and specialized adverse media providers, a Google search can reveal valuable, risk relevant […]

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Bitcoin Emergence Prompts FinCEN to Issue Guidance on Virtual Currencies

As Bitcoin gains recognition as a legitimate currency in the world of digital transactions, FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) has issued guidance on the regulations that apply to administrators and exchangers of virtual currencies that will test AML and KYC programs.

Swings in the market value of Bitcoins – tied to limited circulation […]

Content Provider Profile: Canadean

Timroyston-webb Canadean
Canadean, the […]

The Alacra Authority File

For several years Alacra has been playing in both the reference data arena with our Concordance services and in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / anti-money laundering (AML) arena with Alacra Compliance.  We’ve been talking to customers about how these two worlds were going to converge, especially in light of the regulatory and […]

The Alacra Periodic Table of Entity and Security Identifiers

Prior to the 2008 financial crisis there had been a complicated web of banking regulations that affected financial institutions around the world.   In response to the financial crisis, regulators have been busy at work drafting new regulations aimed at reducing the chances of a similar meltdown in the future.  Earlier this summer we released

Two New Executives Lead Growth of Alacra Risk Products

The recent hire of two key new executives charged with leading the continued growth of Alacra’s regulatory compliance and reference data management services.

Driving changes to the way financial services firms handle client, prospect and counterparty data are regulatory mandates around Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, operational and credit risk assessments. Further, there is a […]

Facebook privacy must be watched

From the lead editorial in today’s Financial Times:

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Social Media By The Numbers – A Curated List of Social Media Tips

Bankers, lawyers, consultants – Alacra’s core end-users – are generally reluctant to share anything important. Still, we’ve been experimenting with ways to use social media, primarily Twitter, for marketing and communication. In our research we’ve come up with some great tips from the blogosphere and have collected many of them here:

50 Ideas on Using […]

Alacra Street Pulse featured in new Fidelity Stock Research Center

Alacra Pulse Logo Fidelity Investments today announced the launch of its new […]

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The Alacra Knowledge Base: A rose by any other name….

Rose In our last post, we talked about how we use semantic tagging to sift through vast amounts […]

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