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The most wonderful time of the year


Alacra UK always has a unique way of making the holiday fun and special. Hilariously ugly sweater contests are just the top of the tree so to speak. This year it looks like the lovely Victoria Todd won a “decorate your desk” contest by outdoing everyone else on […]

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Alacra WINS DMS Award for Best Entity Data Solution for EMIR/Dodd-Frank


We are excited to announce that Alacra was awarded the Best Entity Data Solution for EMIR/Dodd-Frank at A-Team Group’s Data Management Summit yesterday in London. London Managing Director Don Roll, who spoke at the event, was there to accept the award with the Alacra Team.

Alacra’s […]

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A-Team’s Data Management Summit

On Tuesday, at the A-Team’s Data Management Summit, I was on a panel titled Beyond Dodd-Frank: Managing Entity Data with the Global LEI.  My co-panelists were Scott Preiss of CUSIP Global Services, Ron Jordan of DTCC and Mark Alvarez of Interactive Data Corporation.  Sarah Underwood of A-Team Group was the moderator.

Highlights of […]

Eggs, Bacon and Regulation


Chris Skinner, Chairman, Financial Services Club

On Tuesday in London, Alacra and our content partner CounterpartyLink hosted a breakfast meeting called Eggs, Bacon and Regulation.  Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial […]

FATCA – What Are Your Peers Doing About It?

Over the past year, Alacra has hosted several informal peer-to-peer FATCA events in London. Banks from the City joined  us to discuss and learn about different approaches to FATCA. The Alacra Compliance Team has also met directly with many of our clients and prospects to understand their plans and requirements for addressing FATCA. […]

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Compliance Speakers at ACAMS 2013 Remind Everyone to Watch it All

Alacra is visiting ACAMS 2013 in Florida this week, joining our friends and partners in the key KYC compliance space to help firms of all types stay within the bounds of the law.

On the first full day of the conference, we heard from some of the luminaries of the financial crime and compliance space, […]

How Alacra Does an Apocalypse

AlanjalpamaryanngarnerWhat does Alacra do when faced with an apocalypse and our own impending doom? We throw one heck of a holiday party!

Last night, Alacra celebrated the end of the world at our annual holiday party and […]

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The Christmas Jumper Contest

Alacra UK recently held it’s Christmas Jumper Contest (jumper = sweater for us yankees). While the competition was clearly tough, Don Roll, Alacra Managing Director (far right) edged out the rest of the staff to win first prize.

Have a great holiday […]

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Alacra at SLA 2011

Sla2011 The Alacra team is off to Philadelphia for our 12th Special Libraries Association annual conference.  We will be exhibiting in booth #815 and we’ll be serving popcorn as we run some Philadelphia-themed movies.  We’ll […]

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Alacra Staff Smashed… by Ping Pong Powerhouse

Outing 1 The NCAA isn’t the only organization in the midst of an energy-infusing tournament. On Friday April 1, Alacra’s New York team had a spirit(s)-filled, knock ‘em down-drag ‘em out competition of their own at Fat […]

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