Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence

/Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence

LEI update – uptake of LEIs remains slow


5 October 2016, New York & London: Regulatory SaaS technology leader Opus announced today that Alacra, its KYC and reference data management platform, has issued an update on the LEI initiative, Inside the LEI issue X, its regular newsletter on Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs).

Steve Goldstein, vice chairman of Opus, said: […]

Clean data demand holds back Mifid II – Alacra in Euromoney

“If more emphasis is being placed on using big data and algorithms then the data has to be good. If there are discrepancies it will not produce good results.”

Alan Samuels, VP of Reference Data at Alacra, said recently in an interview with Kimberly Long of Euromoney Magazine to discuss the implementation and impact of MifidII.

In her […]

Inside the LEI – Issue VIII

As we enter 2016, almost 100,000 of the LEI registrations have not been renewed— meaning that close to 24% of the total LEI universe have lapsed…As issuance of LEIs to entities that are active in the financial markets grows (as evidenced by them being rated, regulated and/or listed) we expect the LEI lapse rate to […]

First 72 hours after a cyber attack are critical, says law firm

In this article, Alacra’s VP of Compliance Solutions, Kelvin Dickenson discusses cyber attacks with Thomson Reuters.

“Banks that are seen to offer the most robust and proactive protection for their customers will be better able to recruit and retain business,” Dickenson said….”A bank that builds confidence by making online interactions secure, by educating their customers on […]

Top 4 Reasons to Have a Consistent Client Onboarding Process

The push to achieve a single customer view (SCV) has challenged onboarding teams to capture more KYC/AML data, and routinely review larger troves of existing data, to meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements. In this quest, four reasons for having a consistent client onboarding process stand out as promoting operational success.

1. Regulators Like Consistency

When the need arises […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI – Issue VII

The LOUs continue to issue around 20,000 LEIs a quarter, taking the total number of LEIs assigned to around 385,000. This growth continues to be driven by a small number of LOUs with over 80% of the LEIs have been issued by only 4 LOUs – GMEI (US), WM Datenservice (Germany), London Stock Exchange (UK) […]

Opus Global, Compliance and Risk Leader, Acquires Alacra

Adds leading AML, KYC capabilities to leading SaaS-based Compliance Platform


New York, NY, Palo Alto, CA – September 30th, 2015 Opus Global, a leading provider of SaaS-based compliance solutions, today announced that it has acquired Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI – Issue VI

Currently, more than 360,000 entities have been assigned an LEI. Over 25,000 of those have been newly assigned since our last review in March 2015. Alacra’s current analysis indicates that, while the number of registered entities has increased, quality and utility issues within the database have increased as well. At this point, over 70,000 of […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the GIIN – Issue I

Like our popular “Inside the LEI” series, Alacra’s latest Reference Data Alert goes”Inside the GIIN” to detail this identifier and the universe it covers.

The GIIN or Global Intermediary Identifier Number is issued by the IRS to foreign financial institutions (FFIs) as part of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The goal of FATCA is […]

Three Wishes for GIINs

by Alan Samuels, VP Reference Data Solutions, Alacra Inc. for Inside Reference Data

GIIN identifiers being issued as part of compliance with US Fatca tax reporting law do not contain enough information, writes Alacra’s Alan Samuels, who offers suggestions on what ought to be done

There is an increasing focus on global intermediary identifier numbers (GIINs), […]