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Newspapers are Over

Why doesn’t everyone get this? A recent post on BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis’ blog, is titled The Real Sin: Not Running Businesses.  Possible reasons why newspapers are sunk: not innovating, not charging, inaction, tying online to print.  Jeff explores the concept that perhaps newspapers are sinking because for the longest time they weren’t run […]

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Interesting Articles in Corporate Board Member Magazine

Since Corporate Board Member is an Alacra content partner I get a copy of their magazine and I flip through every issue.  This quarter there were a number of interesting pieces:

Securities Analysts? Fuggedaboutem summarizes some recent research that says an “about-face” by a securities analyst has little short-term impact on a stock’s price.


The continuous serendipity of Twitter.

Last week I read with amazement Umair Haque’s post on the NY Times potentially buying Twitter.  As the numerous comments point out, this is financially impossible for the Times and would be strategically suicidal for Twitter.  It’s also hard to come up with a case where 2 businesses, each currently […]

Jobs Summary

Apple logo A summary of $AAPL analysts’ comments on Steve Jobs’ leave of absence:

Charlie Wolf, Needham: “Steve Jobs health” factor could cause the stock to fall an additional 10% to 15%. […]

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You Are What You Publish #6 – “Dropping a dime”

No dime dropped here but it’s a perhaps unintentional online equivalent

Facebook leads police to underage drinking arrests in Gaston County


Gaston County police say they were tipped off […]

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Return Free Risk

James Grant, the editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, has an excellent column in today’s FT titled Little logic to bond world amid current phobias.  Like many good journalists he finishes off his piece with a quote I thought I would share:

“Risk-free return” is the standard tag attached to the government’s […]

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Credit Crisis Dominates Q3 Research Zeitgeist

Research Recap To no one’s surprise, the credit crisis and underlying housing and subprime issues dominated the attention of Research Recap readers in the third quarter. Of the top ten posts, all […]

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New Additions To The People Data Space

Two new products in the extremely crowded “People Data” space were recently announced.  LexisNexis launched ExecRelate and Leadership Directories launched Leadership Networks.  Barbara Quint of Information Today had a good write-up of the two products yesterday. Virtual tours are available for both.  The key differentiator for LexisNexis is their ability […]

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