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Size Doesn’t Matter (when it comes to news on the web)

This post originally appeared on Research Recap

While traditional media brands dominate web news in terms of traffic, size does not matter in terms of the viability of an online news site.

That’s the finding of a new study,

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Audit Analytics Flags Corporate Governance Risks


Audit Analytics delivers timely, in-depth audit and compliance research on over 20,000 public companies and 1,500 accounting firms. Mark Cheffers, CPA, ABV, CEO & Founder of Audit Analytics, spoke […]

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IBISWorld finds current economy good for business

Iworld GVanHorn

IBISWorld is a leading strategic business information provider that offers comprehensive information on over 50 Global industries.  They have been an […]

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Newstex Bridges Alternative and Mainstream Media

Newstex Q&A With Newstex President Larry Schwartz

Continuing our ongoing series of interviews with premium content partners, Larry Schwartz of Newstex tells us about their business, their success and how horse-back riding inspired his blogging.

1. […]

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Alacra Interviews Aroq, Ltd.

AleightonAroq, Ltd. is an online publisher providing trusted global business information for busy executives via four dedicated industry […]

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A Q&A with Current Analysis


Current Analysis is a relatively new premium provider in our arsenal and is proving quite popular on the Alacra Store and Alacra Premium.  Alex Wassilew, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Current Analysis, gave us the scoop on what makes their content […]

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AlacraBlog interviews Jon Brandow from BizMiner


BizMiner is a new ACM Contributor to the […]

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Andrew Keen at BSeC

Andrew_keenAndrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur was interviewed this morning at Buying & Selling eContent.  This was the second time I’ve seen Andrew in the past few months.  His point […]

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Wright Investors’ Service Added to Alacra

WrightWe recently added Wright Investors’ Service as a content partner to both Alacra Premium and  Wright Investors’ Service, an internationally recognized investment advisory firm, produces timely, in-depth research reports […]

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A New Publisher Joins Alacra

I’m often asked if I’ve come across any interesting new publishers.  Although the barriers to entry in the publishing space have dropped dramatically over the past few years, there are still only a handful of recently established, premium business information publishers that are noticeably successful.  Perhaps the fastest growing one that I’ve come across lately […]

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