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Eggs, Bacon and Regulation


Chris Skinner, Chairman, Financial Services Club

On Tuesday in London, Alacra and our content partner CounterpartyLink hosted a breakfast meeting called Eggs, Bacon and Regulation.  Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial […]

Content Provider Profile: Exchange Data International


jonathanblochExchange Data International is one of Alacra’s newest partners.  Here, CEO Jonathan Bloch fills us in on the basics and breadth of their content.

Tell me about Exchange Data

Exchange Data International […]

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Alacra’s Periodic Table of Business Research Databases

Business Research Database Periodic TableAlacra was founded on the concept of reducing the time to answer for researchers by bringing together high quality, disparate databases into one simultaneously searchable workflow. Since our humble start in 1996 we have successfully applied this time saving method to

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Moody’s Fourth Annual Tuition Survey

The Alacra Store is an extreme long-tail ecommerce business.  There are close to 100 million business information SKUs – research reports, earnings call transcripts, credit reports, news stories – from about 50 publishers available on the Store.  Only rarely does a single report sell more than a dozen times; when it does it’s usually […]

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Content Provider Profile: Graham & Whiteside


GandWGraham & Whiteside is a long-time partner of Alacra. Here, Victoria Bentley talks about their well known and admired brand and the critical content they’ve been

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Content Provider Profile: Boardroom Insiders



Sharon Gillenwater, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Boardroom Insiders, took some time out recently to tell us about Alacra’s newest content partner and why a CEO might need to know “everything […]

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Content Partner Profile: InfoCredit

InfocreditTheo InfoCredit Group is one of our newest content partners providing strategic coverage of the Middle […]

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Content Provider Profile: IBISWorld

Jason Baker_IW


Jason Baker, Chief Executive Officer of IBISWorld, took […]

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Content Partner Profile: Morningstar Credit Research

Morningstar logo

In this Content Partner Profile, Haywood Kelly, Senior Vice President of Equity and […]

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Jack Plunkett and The Next Boom

Next-Boom In his new book The Next Boom, Jack Plunkett,

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