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Financial, Not Tech Sector, Leads M&A Rumors on the Web

Alacra Pulse1 Buy the rumor, sell the news.

Those who followed the oft-quoted market axiom were busy in 2010, as nearly 3,000 M&A rumors appeared on various news and web […]

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The Buy-Side Is Always There

When I started my career in the financial information industry many years ago, someone told me, “the sell-side comes and goes but the buy-side is always there.”   The recent volatility in the banking world made me think about that comment recently and take a closer look at some of the stocks I follow.  The stock […]

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Alacra Pulse Data in the Long Room

The FT Alphaville’s Long Room is an “exclusive community reserved for City of London and Wall Street professionals.” I’m not a member but today they posted some data from Alacra Pulse that we were able to get a picture of.

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Chicken, pork chops or McDonalds? 3 notable comments by food industry CEOs

Our Chief Pulse service finds comments from C-Level executives in the online press.  These three, from food industry CEOs, were found pretty close together:

McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner: “McDonald’s continues to connect with customers through our outstanding menu variety and compelling value, unbeatable convenience and contemporary restaurants.”

Tyson CEO Donnie Smith said he expects his company […]

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Lou Celi tells us why this is Oxford Economics moment


Loucelie Next up in our ongoing series […]

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The iPad: Category Killer in a Category of Its Own Design

I didn’t pre-order and iPad; there’s an Apple Store pretty close to my apartment so I plan to give it the once over before buying one.  But I am sure, even with it’s shortcomings, it is going to be a huge hit.

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Pulse – Check

Last February, Alacra introduced Pulse, a new web product designed to better meet the current awareness and idea generation needs of financial institutions’ and professional services firms’ executives.  Amidst the financial crisis, our customers and prospects were cutting their information spends. To gain traction, we released the product with a freemium strategy: the basic product, […]

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Alacra, ALM Partner to Bring Alacra Pulse to Legal Market

ALM LI ALM Legal Intelligence and Alacra have announced a partnership under which ALM will act as reseller of Alacra Pulse to law firms. […]

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A News Cartel Can’t Happen

Cartels tend to arise in markets where there are few firms and each firm has a significant share of the market. Mark Cuban believes Bing can pay News Corp and other content producers for exclusive access to their content, and in turn help News Corp reclaim revenue they […]

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When Clients Define The Use Cases

The idea behind the Alacra Pulse Platform was to give our clients a handle of what was happening in the alternative media space – the blogosphere.  There’s valuable information for both idea generation and current awareness being published by reputable blogs, and our clients had no way to curate and integrate this data into […]

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